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Our firm specializes in business  development in the international market.

Our firm, founded by Mr. Asa Sarel, Attorney at Law. has over 20 years of experience in developing global operations and expansion in new markets for brands, manufacturers and corporations throughout strategic ventures and M&A and commercial transactions.

Mr. Sarel is a partner and stakeholder in several global trading companies and serves as Director and Board member of various privately held companies such as the franchise group that operate the Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Work brands stores exclusively in Europe and a partner and board member of a trading company that holds the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights worldwide for leading brands such as Versace and more.  




One of the most challenges facing brands is the initial stage of breaking out into new markets.


This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge, cultural differences, experience, access and relationships with the relevant partners in the target countries.


In many cases, attempts to enter the international markets involve high costs and even the slightest mistake could result in a loss or in some cases a collapse of the business itself. We have identified the demand and the strong need for a knowledgeable response and connections, in order to promote and be exposes to the global markets, local know-how is widely recognized as the key ingredient for any venture’s success in new markets.

With our assistants, identifying and connecting to the suitable strategic partner becomes accessible and significantly reduces the cost and that is why our firm invests in local presence maintains personal relationships with some of the most influential commercial and strategic partners in over 65 countries across the globe.













Strategic Deals






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Thanks to our local presence and 25 affiliate offices covering 65 countries across five continents.


Our Firm is able to provide expert advice, practical assistance and facilitate business engagements with the most suitable partners to make the overseas business a success. We have unique business intelligence, a network with deeply embedded local affiliate teams in North and South America, Asia, Europe Australia and over 20 years of experience.



We develop business in both developed and high-growth markets. From defining the most productive entry strategy to supporting the local implementation.


Our firm offers tailor-made solutions and services that fit your requirements seamlessly. This allows them to focus on your core business while we make sure our clients minimize risks, align goals and speed-up processes, making your foreign investment a success.

we are rooted in over 65 countries and have the local expertise and resources to support our clients from business analysis through market entry strategy development into successful local implementation. Our Firm offers local presence in developed and in high growth markets, combined with a local presence.


With the experience of dozens successful transactions annually varying, we provide our clients with entrepreneurial, unbiased advice and successfully help them achieve their objectives.

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What Makes us different

We are an independent firm focused purely global strategic transaction success. With over 25 affiliate offices covering over 65 countries, we work together in seamless cross-border sector teams and address each assignment with dedication.


Our geographic coverage embraces both developed and emerging markets  We design each step of the strategic transaction process to increase the probability of successful execution.


We are entrepreneurs and invest in to each transaction what is needed to succeed. With the ability to identify attractive businesses with high growth potential and long-term competitive advantage, we focused on creating new businesses to fill market gaps.


The firm prides itself on the active participation at the board and senior management levels to provide an effective interface to local market conditions for international investors.

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