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Corporate Finance

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The dynamics and complexity of the financial markets have increased considerably over time. Buying or selling businesses, raising capital and driving funding efficiencies are complex decisions our clients face.


The selection of suitable financing partners and financing instruments brings companies greater challenges and opportunities. We provide independent advice, uninfluenced by any alliances with banks to support companies navigating complex refinancing processes.


With our Global presence and synergetic relationships with VC and PE firms and family offices around the world,

we guide our brands and partners through the process of corporate financing by providing our know-how on preparation and documentation, valuation and financial modeling, identification and approach of acquirers, deal structuring, due diligence assistance and negotiation through to deal completion.

Our scope of services includes:


  • Selling companies (or subsidiaries or part of a business) on behalf of their shareholders

  • Managing divestments of majority and minority stakes

  • Advising on exit strategies for financial investors

  • Securing equity funding for strategic growth

  • Management of LBOs and MBOs

  • Company valuations, global investor search and approach, due diligence and negotiation

  • Advisory on mergers and joint ventures

  • Change of ownership structures for succession planning and retirement

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