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Brand and trademark strategic collaborations

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Brands and trademarks are IP assets that can generate significant income, increase brand awareness and presence for businesses.

A Brand and trademark collaboration retains control over the IP and at the same time earns revenue and permits the use of their trademark.


We have a large portfolio of clients from various industries, including apparel, fashion, accessories home and gift, technology, and retail. Our professionals are experienced in the formulation, implementation and execution of trademark strategies both locally and worldwide.


We partner with our brands to understand their business and develop strategies to maximize the value of their IP and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. We also provide advice on collateral arrangements such as joint ventures, supply and distribution, franchising and co-branding.


Our extensive experience in brand and trademark licensing, coupled with our knowledge of these industries, enable us to structure deals that not only protect their IP, but also maximize their value.

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