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Joint Ventures

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The essential ingredient for a successful joint venture is the ability of the strategic local partner to provide what the brand or company can face as challenges. By leveraging their resources, skills and local experience and the necessary capital contribution for the development in the local market, the strategic partners are able to create a more successful business operation than if each were to operate independently.

The Joint ventures model fulfills a cultural bridge between the foreign brand or company in the local market, thereby facilitating the brand development of products that meet the specific local needs.

A joint venture partnership is a form of entry for international expansion, it can reduce the level of risk – financial, political and cultural and lead to a capital raise without the need to offer equity and the dilution of shares.

Additionally, a joint venture allows to reduce the capital required by a wholly owned foreign operation and also, in the designated foreign market, recognition of a lack of knowledge and cultural awareness that only a local partner can provide.

Our firm has the capability to promote and facilitate joint ventures partnerships between brands and companies with local operators and strategic partners as a market entry strategy to optimize their overall approach to international expansion.


Our joint venture services include:

  • A comprehensive suite of potential local strategic partners, perspectives, expertise, and tools to help companies navigate the joint venture landscape—from start to finish.

  • We do the search for an appropriate local partner and integrate the pooled assets of the partners.

  • We assist our brands to find the right partners by shaping their strategic rationale for the partnership.

  • We also advise them to forecast the desired outcome, measure progress, align strategy, value, and goals for the partners.

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