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Capital Raise Through Debt and Equity

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The complexity of financial markets has increased considerably over time. We advise our brands and partners to select the most suitable financing entities and financing instruments, by analysing the most efficient options for them.


We carefully review options for them to increase their capital through debt, equity or a combination of both.

Our objective in executing capital raising is promoting the brand and partner’s growth by identifying investors whose contribution extends beyond capital. We connect investors with relevant expertise to validate businesses, compress decision cycles and extend influence for our clientele.


We put our long-lasting relationships with leading institutional investors, VC and PE firms and family offices all around the globe at the service of our clients.

Your professional support to obtain the funding in order to make the business goals achieved with the following alternative channels:


  • Public and private placements

  • Senior, Mezzanine and subordinated debt

  • Common and preferred equity from local and international investors

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